Sunday, 14 July 2013

Comment from a youtuber

These are not my words, these are the words I received from a youtuber known as slavetothedna02, on the topic of antinatalim
Having a child can only ever be a selfish, impositional, waste of suffering. Life's fundamentally broken
EFILists/Antinatalists put forth that pleasure is release of pain. Imagine a number line. At birth we are placed at negative -100. Pleasures make us feel less bad and take us from -11 to -80. We are born in need. We spend our lives going throughout the world trying to satisfy those needs. But nothing has intrinsic value. One would not see value in food unless they first were made to feel hungry. All pleasures are like this. They are false projections of value that temporarily satisfy us. This is their only value. In their ability to mitigate our pain and proportionally satisfy us. But life is a sum-zero game. If you played it perfectly so that the sentient being was completely 100% satisfied it would still be futile. The need is entirely contrived and entirely internal. We weren't designed to be satisfied. We were designed to be unsatisfied and insatiable to chase things for the sake of making us move in order to replicate. We're all chasing the neutral zero of nonexistence, and the nonexistent state of having no needs cannot be improved upon. Whilst you claim idealism, I think true idealism is raising one's standards and seeing how gamed we're being by a DNA molecule and questioning the validity of life and the wisdom in caging beings in bodies and stupid psychologies in the first place. The need is an indignity in and of itself. The question to ask is why was complete satisfaction ever denied from us in the first place? In order for our existence to be able to go anywhere or do anything there has to be a real need for it in the universe. Because there simply is no need for our existence we show up here and we're the problem. What can be accomplished? Nothing because there's no real need for accomplishment. The notions in our head telling us otherwise are all ego driven and stupid and squandering the real value which is the suffering. All of life should go extinct. Life is the fucking problem.

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